Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Herald.com | 09/07/2004 | Toddlers often overcome allergy to milk
Posted on Tue, Sep. 07, 2004
"The slogan ''Milk, it does a body good'' doesn't apply to everyone. At 1 month old, Grace Fleitas' baby Amanda began exhibiting the classic signs of a milk allergy: irritability, bloody stools, diarrhea. After initially being breast fed, Amanda was being fed infant formula. ''She was really cranky, always crying,'' the Hialeah mother said. Fleitas, who never suffered from a milk allergy, tried formulas for colicky babies. When that didn't help, she took Amanda to Dr. Robert E. Kramer, an assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of Miami's Pediatric Gastroenterology division. Kramer put Amanda on EleCare, an amino-based infant pharmaceutical formula. After about six months, Amanda, now 18 months, can tolerate milk...."

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