Wednesday, June 02, 2004

OhioHealth Newsroom - Got Milk? Our Infants Do!
[ This is the news item referenced below on the NBC4 news site. - JC]

New Donor Milk Program at Grant Medical Center Ensures Even the Littlest Patients Get the Best Start in Life
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- According to years of research, breast milk is best for infants. Low birth weight babies or those with special needs especially need breast milk because of the rich, easy-for-baby-to-digest nutrients it provides. Some mothers, however, are not able to provide milk for their newborn babies. That's why Grant Medical Center has started the first human donor milk program in Columbus. Since the program launched in January, babies are benefiting from pasteurized, frozen, human breast milk purchased from the Mothers' Milk Bank at Austin in Austin, Texas. Candidates to receive the pasteurized milk include infants who weigh less than three pounds, those who can't breastfeed, or babies whose mothers can't produce milk immediately...."

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