Sunday, April 11, 2004

When Mom can't, or won't, breast-feed, firm has option
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Chicago Tribune
By Martin Patience
Columbia News Service
Published April 11, 2004

"NEW YORK -- The Web site for Certified Household Staffing appears like a throwback to Victorian times, when the moneyed classes hired teams of servants. The site sports images of butlers with bow ties, nannies in black and white uniforms and gamekeepers dressed in tweeds. But the agency offers another service associated with times long past: wet nurses. Robert Feinstock, 65, the owner of the Beverly Hills, Calif., company, believes his business is one of the few in the United States that offer wet nurses, or women who suckle other people's children. He says he provides a needed service to mothers who want their children to thrive on breast milk but for whatever reason are unable to perform the task themselves....

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