Sunday, November 09, 2003 News - Latest News - Kosher Baby Milk Formula in Israeli Deaths Link: "6:20pm (UK)
Kosher Baby Milk Formula in Israeli Deaths Link

By AP Reporter

An Israeli company partly owned by American food giant Heinz has recalled a kosher infant formula after three babies died of nervous disorders and 10 others were hospitalised.

The announcement by Remedia Ltd set off a wave of hysteria, and prompted a special religious ruling allowing the notification of ultra-Orthodox Jews on the Sabbath.

The recall also affected Orthodox Jewish communities in the United States where the soy-based formula is sold.

Remedia, whose baby products are found in virtually every Israeli supermarket, said it had slightly altered the makeup of the formula in June to bring it into %u201Caccordance with the scientific developments in the field%u201D.


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