Wednesday, September 10, 2003

STLtoday - business"...Within two or three hours of launching our product at the trade show, we were cornered by neonatal dietitians, asking us, does it work in breast milk,' Holahan said. Enzymes in human breast milk break down competing thickeners, the dietitians said. They were eager for an alternative. Holahan's wife, Sarah, was working the fair. She routinely expressed milk for their six-month-old daughter, Nicole, so that her husband could share in feeding the baby. When the couple got home, she agreed that he could experiment with the bottle in the refrigerator. He stirred in some Simply Thick, left it in the refrigerator all night and put it in an insulated lunch bag the next morning for the second day of the show. When the dietitians discovered that the thickened milk had remained stable in the refrigerator, 'they were astounded,' Holahan said. "

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