Tuesday, May 20, 2003

U.S. Moms Limit Breast Feeding - Study Finds
Monday, May 19 3:54pm By Jill Garrett
U.S. Moms Limit Breast Feeding - Study Finds
"While more and more new moms are breastfeeding their babies worldwide, mothers here in the U. S. differ from mothers in other countries in at least one area.

The Centers for Disease control finds American mothers stop breastfeeding their children too soon.

A telephone survey of the families of more than 700 children found 66 percent had been breast-fed initially, the national goal set by the Healthy People 2010 Program is 75 percent. Six-months later, 27 percent of U. S. moms were breastfed their babies. Health experts had hoped half would still be breast feeding. The government experts admit breastfeeding usually stops as mothers return to work."

The report is in the joural Pediatrics.

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