Sunday, March 02, 2003

MP's breastfeeding row leaves sour taste -
Op/Ed: "What's more, the push for feminist concessions in the workplace is in danger of reaching farcical levels which ultimately will make employers think twice before hiring women. Take, for instance, the case of the Sydney University workers who are threatening to go on strike this week over their right to monthly "menstrual stress leave". While menstrual pain can be debilitating, why make an issue out of it? Good old-fashioned sick leave works just as well for all-purpose ailments of both sexes. In the end, those people championing Kirstie Marshall's right to breastfeed in the Victorian Parliament have fallen for a mirage. She is not a symbol of working motherhood. She is the impossible dream. Far better to champion maternity leave so that in those precious weeks after giving birth, women can concentrate exclusively on what really matters." [Marinda Devine, writing in the Sun-Herald, chastizes people for fighting for the right to breastfeed "wherever and whenever you want." - JC]

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