Thursday, January 16, 2003

Is Your Infant’s Nutrition Being Compromised by Cost? --

GORDONSVILLE, VA -- (INTERNET WIRE) -- 01/15/2003 -- "Baby formula that is more like breast milk is now available on store shelves. Last year the FDA approved the addition of DHA and ARA, two fatty acids, to infant formula, which had already been available in much of Europe and Asia over the past four years. Eventually the enriched formula is expected to replace non-DHA formula. But, even though sales are on the rise?these formulas are expensive increasing the cost of formula an average of 33% more per ounce. This is taking the annual cost of formula from $1,200 to $1,400."

[Note this WalMart news release comes complete with a video news release and b-roll footage including interviews with a mother expressing concern about the high cost of formula, and with a doctor representing the infant formula industry who talks about breastfeeding. It's a good study in marketing technique. When was the last time a pro-breastfeeding message went out via VNR? - JC]

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