Thursday, December 08, 2011

Demand increasing for human milk, donors needed

Another news item on human milk shortage across the US - this one identifies the cause as supply not keeping up with increased demand.
WakeMed Milk Bank Needs Donations | WakeMed Voices: WakeMed Milk Bank Needs Donations
Posted December 2, 2011 � 11:59 am.Susan Evans

WakeMed Mother's Milk Bank
The value of breast milk and breastfeeding is finally being realized in the United States.� But, there are some moms who are unable to produce milk of their own for their infants.� Many times these infants are preemies who really need breast milk to grow and thrive.

The lack of donations and increased need is not isolated to North Carolina. Human milk banks across the country are experiencing similar trend as more and more hospitals and mothers learn about the benefits of breast milk.

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