Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Call for US moms to donate human milk to South Africa while US babies go short

US moms called on to donate for next shipment to South Africa.... let's see here.... we've got a shortage of donors for non-profit milk banks in the US and yet for-profit Prolacta is teaming up with a non-profit group and calling for more US moms to donate milk to South Africa? How many years has IBMP being doing this and why aren't there self-sustaining milk banks in South Africa? Prolacta benefits from the milk it keeps in exchange for processing the donor milk for IBMP - it turns that milk into a product it sells. Quick International Courier benefits - this is an excellent way for it to showcase its ability to provide cold chain courier services to the health care industry.

International Breast Milk Project donates bottled breast milk

IBMP, Prolacta and Quick Intl. join to help AIDS-stricken babies in South Africa; organization calls on U.S. mothers to donate milk for next shipment

The U.S.-based International Breast Milk Project (IBMP), Prolacta Bioscience, and Quick International Courier cooperated in a joint humanitarian effort that delivered 10,000 oz (2,500 bottles) of donor breast milk to be utilized by premature, sick, and orphaned infants in Cape Town and Durban, South Africa....

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