Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Joanna Moorhead: One long experience
After 13 years of breastfeeding, the time has finally come to hang up my drop-cup bra
Joanna Moorhead
Wednesday April 20, 2005
The Guardian
"Like their 15 minutes of fame, everyone should have their claim to rarity. So here is mine: I'm a long-term breastfeeder. That could mean I'm one of the 43% of mothers feeding for more than six weeks, or one of the 29% still carrying on at four months, or even one of the 14% hanging on in there at nine months. But the truth is I don't know exactly how small the minority is that I'm in, because I have been breastfeeding for 13 years - and no one seems to be collating the figures that far down the line.... "

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