Monday, March 01, 2004

Reuters AlertNet - Standard tests not enough for baby formula-report
"WASHINGTON, March 1 (Reuters) - Standard tests of food safety are not good enough when it comes to infant formula ingredients, a panel of experts said on Monday. Because formula is so important to the growth and development of babies, more care must be taken in testing ingredients for safety and nutrition value, the Institute of Medicine panel said. 'The current regulatory processes do not fully address the unique role of formula as a food source,' Dr. Richard Deckelbaum of the Institute of Human Nutrition at Columbia University, who chaired the panel, said in a statement. 'Formula is infants' only food if they are not being breast-fed. The processes used to regulate the safety of any new additions to formula should be tailored to these products' distinct role and the special needs and susceptibilities of infants. Our report offers a set of guidelines and steps to accomplish this goal.'..."

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