Saturday, January 17, 2004

IOL : Ex-pinup supplies 3 litres of milk a day: " years ago, shapely blonde beauty Belinda Hall's special assets earned her the South African Penthouse Pet of the Year title.

She got fame, adoration - six million men voted her into the number one slot - and the chance to travel and live overseas.

She was also hailed as Miss October in the United States' Pet of the Year honours.

Now, although that has all been replaced with marriage and motherhood (her husband is Pinetown lawyer Andre Liebenberg), she is still something of a star.

'I knew my boobs would come in useful one day'
For not only does the new mom provide her four-month-old Down's Syndrome son, Anthony, with a litre of breast milk a day, she also supplies another two litres a day to a unique milk bank.


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