Monday, November 10, 2003

Lack of B1 behind deaths; Mossad joins probe
Israel News : Jerusalem Post Internet Edition
Nov. 10, 2003

"The deaths in recent weeks of three infants from neurological and cardiological disorders were due to them having been fed non-dairy Remedia baby formula that completely lacked vitamin B1 (thiamine), the Health Ministry announced on Sunday.

After lab tests confirmed the absence of the vitamin, the ministry asked the parents of all babies fed with this line of soy-based formula during the last two months to see their pediatricians who, if necessary, can administer the vitamin.

The Mossad and Shin Bet secret service agencies have joined the investigation of the faulty baby formula, a Health Ministry spokesman said Monday.

The director general of the ministry, Boaz Lev, raised the possibility of sabotage to the kosher soy-based milk substitute, saying 'it is impossible to know if this is intentional or not.' "..."

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