Thursday, November 20, 2003

'Chick Lit' queen reigns at library

News of Delaware County
"Author Jennifer Weiner is experiencing a personal and career vortex where 'worlds collide.' Blue-collar town newspaper reporter, best-selling novelist, broken relationships, soul mate, parenthood, black-tie affairs, 'slumping around in sweat pants,' Cameron Diaz, baby wipes, HBO series, stay-at-home mom, self-described 'dork,' and hot new author - all of this to a girl who says she 'never got the guy.'
The whirling world of Jennifer Weiner (pronounced WHY-NER) stormed the Haverford Township Free Library recently in a rousing kick off of its 'Right to Read' campaign, a literary promotional partnership with the local Rotary Club.
'As part of the Rotary's Centennial Celebration, they chose us to promote literacy and love of literature. Through books, we explore, learn and travel - that should be everybody's right,' says Adeline Ciannella, library director. 'Getting Jennifer was just wonderful. She loves libraries.'
Weiner is the author of 'Good in Bed' and 'In Her Shoes,' best-selling novels that have been optioned into an HBO series a la 'Sex in the City' (with sensibilities) and a major studio movie starring Cameron Diaz.
'Personally, I would give Janeane Garofalo every part,' jokes Weiner, 33, to the attentive crowd in the library basement.
The current reigning queen of 'Chick Lit' talked of life and love, fame and fortune, breast-feeding and '27 hours of unmedicated labor' to a 99.9 percent female audience of adoring fans.
Weiner treated the faithful to a reading from her new book in progress, whose working title is 'Little Earthquakes.' It's a book about her present life situation - new husband, new baby, new parent and the life-altering changes therein.
'I can only read this when my husband Adam is not around,' she says, literally pulling the unedited pages from her purse and reading candidly about 'the first sex after the baby' and 'new parent foreplay.' ..."

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