Friday, March 07, 2003

Women share views on motherhood, breast-feeding
Iowa State Daily
By Shana Steidl
Daily Correspondent
March 07, 2003

"Three women shared their views on the cultural difference in mothering, including breast-feeding, in the Pioneer Room of the Memorial Union Wednesday. Vicki Abel, Mary Kay Vogel and Brigitte Gassman represented the La Leche League International, an organization with the sole purpose of helping breast-feeding mothers. Abel, Vogel and Gassman led the discussion, "Endangered! The Art of Mothering: International Perspectives, Breast-feeding, and Other Aspects." The discussion largely included the advantages of breast-feeding. In the United States, bottle-feeding is considered the norm, Vogel said. "In our culture, we don't realize that breast-feeding is a normal part of the reproductive cycle," she said."

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