Thursday, March 13, 2003

Herald Sun: Limits on breastfeeding [14mar03] Limits on breastfeeding

"MP Kirstie Marshall will only be allowed to breastfeed her baby in State Parliament during a vote or emergency debate. Speaker Judy Maddigan conceded yesterday she may need to sharpen her wording on planned changes to rules on breastfeeding. "This is really what you do in emergency situations," she said. The Herald Sun reported yesterday that MPs would be able to feed their babies at all times when a 146-year-old ban on "strangers" in the House is abolished next week. The move sparked new public debate, with a majority of Herald Sun readers opposing breastfeeding in Parliament. More than 3700 callers opposed the rule changes. Just 86 supported the switch." [What a disappointment - it's amazing that 3700 people would be opposed to this. - JC]

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