Monday, February 03, 2003

'Take back the table'
Joanne Laucius,
The Ottawa Citizen,

Monday, February 03, 2003, -- [This detailed article on childhood obesity touches on several issues including whether parental permissiveness is actually abusive. It concludes with an interesting note about breastfeeding promotion at the turn of the last century in France - JC] "Mr. Critser believes the legendary leanness of the French may be a lesson for North Americans.

Almost a century ago, France launched a campaign advocating restraint after doctors noted that mothers had abandoned breastfeeding and were overfeeding their children cow's milk, says Mr. Critser. The campaign was aimed at setting consistent patterns of eating: moderate portions, no seconds, desserts on rare occasions only and no between-meal snacks. That campaign still resonates in French eating habits.

"They were taught in childhood not to overeat," he notes. "And it didn't seem to do much harm to their self-esteem."

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