Tuesday, February 25, 2003

icBirmingham - City 'hostile to breast feeding'
Feb 24 2003
By Sophie Blakemore, Birmingham Post
"A new report has called on Birmingham City Council and the NHS to provide more facilities and support to encourage mothers to breast-feed. The report, Children's Nutrition - Mothers Who Wish to Breast-Feed, calls for more support for mothers at home, in the workplace and facilities in public places. Rates of breast-feeding in Birmingham are ten to 20 per cent lower than the national average of 70 per cent - and the review has suggested that if breast-feeding rates across the city were increased to 90 per cent, as in some Scandinavian countries, more than 250 hospital admissions of children under the age of four could be avoided each year." [If you can send me the URL for this report, or a copy, please email me at jchase@mediaworkswest.com. 0 JC]

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