Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Herald Sun: Rethink on club's breast ban [13feb03]
"By TANYA GILES and PAULA BEAUCHAMP, 13feb03 -- A BAN on breastfeeding in the Melbourne Racing Club's committee rooms may be reconsidered. The MRC has written to Attorney-General Rob Hulls after he asked for an explanation of their possible breach of equal-opportunity laws. The club said in the letter the matters raised by Mr Hulls would be considered at a committee meeting this month. Mr Hulls wrote to the MRC after Glen Eira mayor Peter Goudge was told his 12-week-old daughter was not welcome in the club's committee rooms...." [I note the issue is moving now to that of an underage child. Smells like a cop-out - if it's a private club I'll bet they have lots of lattitude about the age of children allowed on their premises. Even our stuffy yacht club made an exception in the dining room and allowed me to bring in our babies to breastfeed. - JC]

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