Monday, February 24, 2003

Beacon Journal | 02/22/2003 | Police field complaint about busty snow woman
Posted on Sat, Feb. 22, 2003 story
Akron Beacon Journal
"KENT, Ohio - Crystal Lynn went for realism when she built her snow woman - celery for the eyes, a carrot for the nose and two blobs of snow for the breasts. The last turned out to be a no-no, as someone complained to Kent police about what he called an indecent snow figure. And a police officer showed up at her apartment door minutes after she completed her work. "He said that I should cut off her breasts, but I said no woman wants that," Lynn, 35, said. She didn't want to knock down the snow woman. And the figure was too busty to be covered by a shirt. So Lynn opted to drape a ruffled maroon tablecloth around her shoulders." [ She should have latched on snow babies... - JC]

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