Tuesday, December 24, 2002

53, and child busy

Lisa Kremer; The News Tribune

Morgan Zantua's magical baby has become a magical toddler.

An outgoing, loving, curious, talkative toddler. Quite a handful for a 53-year-old first-time mom.

Zantua made the news earlier this year when we told the story of her surprise first-time pregnancy at 51....
When we last interviewed Zantua, she had a part-time job and several contract jobs, still was breast-feeding 9-month-old Auriel and took her everywhere she went.

Some things have changed, some haven't. Zantua still breast-feeds, and intends to at least until Auriel's second birthday. She's been swayed by studies showing the innumerable benefits to babies of breast-feeding - and reports that the longer mothers breast-feed, the less their chance of getting breast cancer."

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